Hydrophobin Team Projects

High Priority

  • Polymerizations in CU blobs
  • Measure the persistence length by dynamic fluctuations
  • Persistence as a function of width, temperature, salt, methanol
  • Do latex particles stick to CU bubbles/blobs
  • Water-filled bubbles in an oil matrix//inverse blobs
  • Sausages...lots of sausages.
  • Molecular weight of the “units” – LS/DLS and AUC and DOSY
  • Encapsulation of any oil-soluble polymer (PS, PSLG, PMMA) as a function of concentration: correlate with viscosity.
  • Sonicate cylindrical bubbles and blobs 
  • Measure the persistence length using optical tweezers…
  • Follow I-N transition in LCs confined inside CU

Medium Priority

  • Deciphering: stability of bubbles…why do P3HT-filled and LC-filled ones last so much longer than CUs on polypeptide silica or just plain silica? 
  • Are CUs stable to arborols?
  • Are CU bubbles or blobs stable to SDS?
  • Isoelectric point of CU…maybe zeta
  • Try to crosslink CU bubbles (dicarbodiimide or glutaraldehyde)…
  • Study how LCs are confined in CU-stabilized blobs
  • Can CU solubilize latex sphees
  • Do Janus particles coat onto CU bubbles/blobs Liquid crystals made of air…how long do they stay?
  • CU- or BASF-coated CNCs
  • Latex Self-assembly on surfaces 
  • Can we stabilize with particles and/or glutaraldehyde? 
  • Chain magnetic particles trapped in CU blobs and crosslink the blobs