Each of us has a community service mission

Chemical Educational Foundation

The CEF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving chemical education with a focus on grades K-8. Russo Lab students help with CEF’s You Be the Chemist Challenge, a national quiz bowl that serves about 55,000 students nationwide. Each year we help test the questions used, participate in regional workshops and attend the National Challenge.

Participating lab members
Alyssa Blake
Drew Gorman
Xujun Zhang

Applied Polymer Technology Extension Consortium

APTEC is a nonprofit organization devoted to polymer science and engineering excellence, primarily in the Southeastern United States. APTEC links industrial partners with participating universities, facilitating partnerships and advising on intellectual property. Russo Lab members help manage the APTEC website, and are often asked to join the Board of Directors at APTEC’s annual student-led meeting in the fall.

Participating lab members
Graham Parkinson
Paul Balding

Georgia Tech Polymer Network/Student Polymer Network

GTPN is Georgia Tech’s cross-disciplinary, interdepartmental, intercollegiate polymer science & engineering effort. GTPN hosts several seminars each year and works with participating Schools (Chemistry & Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering) to help coordinate teaching, outreach, research and the general dissemination of what’s happening at GT in polymers. Russo Lab members assist with the GTPN’s Student Polymer Network, especially its social activities and annual poster session.

Participating lab members