Welcome to the Russo Lab at Georgia Tech

Light Scattering Alignment Target

Welcome! Our lab is devoted to the science and engineering of polymeric and colloidal materials.

What do we do? Our research involves synthetic and biological polymers and particles in fluids. Here are some examples of materials we work with and potential applications:

  • Liquid crystals for control of light or directed strength applications
  • Gels and hydrogels for scaffolding and delivery of target materials
  • Semiconductive polymers and their interactions with biopolymers such as proteins or polysaccharides that promise higher efficiency
  • Particle-polypeptide composite materials for optical applications and bio-emulation
  • Viruses and virus-like materials 
  • Development of new analytical equipment for polymer and particle characterization

How do we do this? We are not defined by any one technique, but a fair amount of what we do depends on optical measurements – light scattering and microscopy in particular. We also use X-ray and neutron scattering, rheology, gel permeation chromatography with various online detectors, and other techniques.

Outreach activities: We enjoy working with the Chemical Educational Foundation, a non-profit devoted to K8 education, and APTEC, a nonprofit devoted to the development of a strong polymer science and engineering base that aids students, postdocs, industrial partners and universities.

Inreach activities: We delight in promoting open laboratories for materials characterization and our work with Georgia Tech's Student Polymer Network.

Please contact us if we can be of any help.

Paul Russo
paul.russo at mse.gatech.edu 
225-588-8104 (mobile)
School of Materials Science & Engineering / Georgia Institute of Technology
801 Ferst Drive / MRDC 3508 / Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0295 U.S.A.