Welcome to the Russo Lab at Georgia Tech

Light Scattering Alignment Target

Welcome! Our lab is devoted to discovery-based and curiosity-driven science and engineering of polymers and colloids. 

Interest areas

  • Microzeppelins: lightweight and strong air-containing and air-capturing materials 
  • Polymer Recycling and Upcycling: Microparticle and Nanoparticle Characterization for Cleaner Water
  • Appplications of sonic energy to reshape materials: upcycling 
  • Gels and hydrogels for scaffolding and delivery of target materials
  • Bioparticles for emulation of living systems, drug delivery and synthetic muscle
  • Development of new analytical equipment for polymer and particle characterization
  • Future of Work in the Laboratory: Connections to machine learning and public policy

Methods: Light scattering and microscopy in particular. We also use X-ray and neutron scattering, rheology, gel permeation chromatography with various online detectors, and other techniques.

Learning: This lab is home base for the Open Polymer Active Learning Lab (OPALL

For Undergraduates: Welcome...join the OPALL community! 

For New Ph.D. or MS Students: Please choose a primary advisor from our many collaborators. Contact Prof. Russo about these opportunities. 

For Visiting Scholars and Postdocs: Welcome! Write Prof. Russo about your plans. 

Paul Russo

paul.russo at mse.gatech.edu 
225-588-8104 (mobile phone: please text first if you are not on my contact list already)
School of Materials Science & Engineering / Georgia Institute of Technology
801 Ferst Drive / MRDC 3508 / Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0295 U.S.A.